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Medical Records Scanning

National Department of Health vision is to relieve the burden from hospitals and GPs. Empowering other healthcare resources, patients will always receive the right level of care, in the right setting.

To achieve this the focus on digital remains, if not increased. The aim is not to be digital at the point of access. But to have a digital back office. Where systems across the board are interoperable. Patient records can travel digitally across different systems.

 If you are a GP surgery on the roadmap to digitisation get in touch. A member of our Digital Transformation will be in touch to provide any help and support you need.

Hospital Digitalisation

We provide bulk archive scanning for hospitals. Patient records consistently stored, with appropriate access permissions. And the security of knowing loose filing cannot get lost.

We have worked with Directors of Estates. They want to digitalise to repurpose much needed physical space currently storing records.

Scanning very specific medical records and uploading them into a cost-effective record viewer.