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Processing of Forms and Research

NMIA offers form processing services in which data captured from hard copy or electronic data fields is converted into electronic data for analysis. We have worked with organisations undertaking research, insurance companies onboarding new customers, to Government undertaking census activity to support them collect and analyse data.

Our Forms Processing Engine can capture typed and handwritten data in multiple languages, capturing the information from their respective fields and entering a database or other electronic format.

Our solution removes a lot of the issues around manual form processing, including:



Ideally, forms are processed by using pre-defined templates and configurations, sometimes with a barcode to aid recognition if you use a variety of forms. The template creates a map of the document for our Engine allowing it to recognise fields by location.

Our engine initially use a variety of automated recognition methods, including:


Optical Character Recognition

Optical Mark Reading [OMR]

Bar code recognition

Intelligent Character Recognition