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Storage for retention and scanning of active files

Some organisations do not want to scan a full archive, as it can be an expensive exercise, if you are not using the files, or just keeping them for retention purposes.

Working with Nyce Media Imaging Architects, inactive files can be put into long term storage. This is the most cost-effective approach for documents you hardly use. Then active files, for example medical records, case files or claim documentation, can be digitised by us.

“Working with Nyce Media Imaging Architects made remote working much easier. Our live files were being stored, instead of requesting hard copies NMIA digitised our active files. By digitising these files, our team can work much more effectively, regardless of location”

– Top Legal firm

Scan to order

If you know what workload and appointments you have in advance, we can scan the archive to order, increasing your ROI by only scanning the files you need to. Focusing on records which get you more immediate value from its digital form.

“It’s really important for us to work with a good organisation and with somebody who knows what they are doing. The all-round relationships are great, but also the output and productivity is impressive. It will make a fundamental difference to how we deliver patient care”

– Medical Centre

Regular collections

We also collect paperwork regularly from organisations that have digitised their archive but want to prevent it from building up again. Some organisations are not ready to relook at workflows and stop the creation of paper. So instead we collect regularly and digitise so that they can still create digital workflows, later in the process.

Instant integration to your internal systems

Document Management Systems (EDRMS)

These systems provide basic document management functionality, as well as indexing and workflows tools built-in.

Our systems integrating with your internal systems

Similar systems are great at what they provide, but functionality around viewing scanned PDFs can be limited, sometimes not even allowing you to use the OCR functionality within the PDFs. They can also be costly if you require more licences for viewing these archived documents.

Folderit integrates with most systems, with a simple button linking a file on your internal system to the relevant PDFs. It is a cloud-based system allowing your team remote access and on multiple devices, from mobiles to desktop.

Upload directly into your internal systems

We can also upload directly into an internal system. As well as a PDF transfer, we can extract data and automatically input it into your internal systems. Removing the need for manual data entry, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.