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Cloud Document Management

NMIA offer variety of document management and workflow automation solutions for our clients. Scanning and creating digital forms of paper records is a great starting point but having the ability and confidence to search and use this digitised information is essential to efficient and agile working.
Now with GDPR and the Data Protection, choosing the right database makes compliance simple and effective.


The ultimate online document management system for any organization, the most user-friendly DMS in the world! Amazingly easy to use, highly secure and affordable EDMS.

  • Access Control & Office 365 / DocuSign integrations
  • Powerful Search With Multilingual OCR
  • Approval Workflow & Automated Retention
  • Document Numbering, Notifications & Audit Trail
  • Custom Metadata & File Linking
  • File Versions
  • Reminders
  • Inbox
  • Subsidiaries Supported
  • Mobile Friendly DMS
  • Local Backup Too
  • Safe & Secure