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About US


We’re a  scanning business offering a complete range of document management services, including scanning, shredding, physical storage, and digital storage.
We have a team of  professionals and fully trained staff to manage all areas of our business and hold ourselves to extremely high standards to ensure that you receive a comprehensive and confidential service that you can trust.

NMIA is the leading voice and support for the paperless revolution, whether this be one-off projects to digitalise a single aspect of an organisation, or wholesale digital transformation.

NMIA not only turns paper into digital records, but with an agile, needs based consultancy division, we transform workflows to create paper lite, efficient back-office systems.

Through mailrooms, accounting systems, complaints, claims handling and even HR systems we can automate, and apply intelligent robotics and AI to workflows. So instead of having a flat PDF as your digital solution, the data breaks out of the PDF’s four walls and is read, recognised, classified and either pushed to the right person; inputted into the correct database(s), or matched to current claims, cases or even Purchase Orders. Refocussing your staff on the fee earning aspects of their role, or simply meeting their SLAs quicker, a digital workflow can provide real organisational value.