e also provide high quality and affordable document scanning to companies looking to move from paper files to electronic records. We provide free pickup to our secure facility where your documents will be digitized but our team can also work on site if you prefer.
To ensure you get consistently high quality images of your documents, we use the latest software and high speed scanners. Our quality assurance (QA) team then inspects each image for detail and accuracy. After scanning, we may perform some photo edits including rotation, clean up, crops, and also eliminating blank pages. The files are then saved in PDF format.
There is however more to the process than just loading papers into a scanner. Here is what we do:
• Pick up the documents from your office and transport them to our secure facility
• Prepare and clean the papers of foreign material and staples
• Attach retrieval indicators like bar codes (depending on software and retrieval package selected)
• Scan the documents
• Perform post scan edits
• Save each document as a PDF or preferred format
• Store the digital files on preferred media
• Deliver the hard copy files to your offices or shred them (upon request)

We also provide online hosting and archiving services that can be used to complement your backup methods. This enables you to access your records all round the clock, all year round.