Intelligent Data Capture /Indexing


part from digitizing our client’s records through scanning, we also provide data capture services. Our team of experts can help you capture documents from virtually any device in any location including centralized storage systems that are accessible from widely distributed locations.
After capturing your data and files and converting them to your preferred format, we work to ensure that your staff can easily locate the files. We make use of multiple index profiles and meta data templates to uniquely tag each document making it easily retrievable at a later time. Our team will create indexes using text, numbers, dates, advanced OCR, barcodes, regex pattern matching, and select lists based on your specification. This method of indexing makes it possible to import files into any database program or document management software.
In addition to creating indexes for your digitalized files, we use eclipse document management software to optimize them for automatic recognition, classification and indexing so as to accelerate productivity.