Our Company

Nyce Media Imaging Architects (NMIA) is a company whose aim is to provide other companies with very secure scanning and record management services.

Our objective is to help you take advantage of the best technology available in terms of imaging and retrieval.
We have diverse resources that enable us to provide your business with a wide range of services that can meet both general and specific requirements. At NMIA, we are constantly committed to providing you with high quality and comprehensive solutions for your business in a cost effective and timely manner. To do this, we use the consultant’s problem solving approach coupled with the skill and professionalism of our staff. Doing this makes it possible for our sales team and support staff to provide custom fitted solutions for your specific and overall needs at a practical and affordable price.
Our clients come from a wide range of industries including construction, health care, education, financial, and legal. You can therefore be assured that irrespective of the field or specific needs, we can find a document management solution that is a perfect suit for you.